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Kim K a 'feminist icon'... is this a joke?

By Frances Burscough

Harriot Harman, the staunchly feminist Labour MP, thinks that the Kardashians are feminist role models. When I heard her on Good Morning Britain I nearly spat my coffee out.

“The overall message that comes out of the Kardashian women is that they are kind of going to make their own decisions, make their own way in the world ... There’s a kind of bravery and pioneering spirit in them,” she said.

Er, what? I checked the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day. Nope.

In case you don’t know (where have you been for the last ten years?) Kim Kardashian (the daughter of the OJ Simpson Lawyer Robert Kardashian) came to the media’s attention in 2003 around the time when she was the best friend of the multi-million dollar socialite Paris Hilton and they appeared on reality TV together. Her mother Kris saw the potential for stardom and decided to become her manager.

In 2007, one of Kim’s ex boyfriends — a rapper called Ray J — leaked a porno sex tape they had made together onto the internet. It went viral and got millions of views all over the world. Managed by her ‘Momager’, Kim got a $5m settlement. Soon after, they began filming a fly-on-the-wall reality TV series of their own, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, through which all the family members became instant celebrities. So that’s Kim and her sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie and their mum Kris.

It’s now in its twelfth season of documenting the sheer extravagance of their combined wealth and their day-to-day lives, in which they spend a lavish fortune on themselves, being preened and pampered for endless photo shoots, parties and shopping sprees, interspersed by vicious bickering sessions behind each others backs, but in full view of the cameras. Yes, it really has to be seen to be believed.

In the ten years since they emerged onto the starry stratosphere, the Kardashians — both individually and as a whole — have amassed an astronomical fortune estimated to be around $300m, fuelled by a constant presence in front of the paparazzi, on gossip TV and saturation-point posting on social media. In fact, every single post on Twitter makes her $10,000 a time if she mentions a sponsor’s product. And that doesn’t include the millions they make from merchandising their own brand clothing, make-up, tanning products, video games, books etc etc. Kim is particularly adept at this and rarely a day goes by when she isn’t posting selfies in various states of undress. She’s even prepared (ie. more than happy) to go completely naked, too, often paying particular attention to her “greatest ass-et” — her oversized bum. In fact, in one notorious photograph in which she appeared completely naked, her posterior buffed and gleaming with baby oil, there were so many people trying to log on to the page that the internet actually crashed.

Then of course there were the marriages. First, the one to Kris Humphries (did she just marry him because his name began with K?) which was broadcast around the world.

Alas, no sooner had the multi-million dollar television rights for screening the wedding  been paid and their bumper cheques been cashed, they decided to call it quits after just over two months. Then Kanye (another K, another koincidence?) the notorious rapper (yes, another one) who wrote a song about his beloved wife, entitled Perfect Bitch. She, apparently,  was overcome with the sheer romance of it all.

So there, in a nutshell ladies and gentlemen, is the Kardashian family. The one that Harriot Harman views as admirable role models for women today. The interview on breakfast TV was actually supposed to be about the MP’s views on the Brexit campaign.

It’s not known where Kim Kardashian stands on the issue, but I’m guessing that if anyone were to ask her she’d reply

 “The Brexit Campaign? Well, I love their collection for Fall 2016. And now, can I have my $10,000 endorsement fee please?”

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