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Simon Hamilton captures the zeitgeist with new hipster beard

By Frances Burscough

Simon Hamilton didn't only present a new budget last night. He also unveiled a brand new look for the start of 2015 including a hipster beard, no less!

Indeed, not only just a beard but the full flush of facial hair, including a mo', goatee tuft and sideburns, all neatly cropped, groomed and preened to perfection with just a hint of manly hair product to keep it in check.

To top it all he wore his short hair gelled back and the whole look completed with trendy Chris Evans-style retro specs.

Now it isn't known whether his political peers approve of the newer, casual Simon Hamilton (perhaps we should call him something cooler now, such as "SiHa"?) but personally, I'd like to be the first to applaud his facial hair strategy.

It's current; it's relevant; it appeals to all sectors and there's really something for everyone.

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