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US Presidential election: Why I'm rooting for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday

By Frances Burscough

I'm no expert at American politics. In fact (to use the the state-side vernacular) I know diddly squat about it and the little bit I do know don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. However it is pretty clear for all to see that the Republican candidate is a bewilderingly inarticulate, outrageously offensive, rabble-rousing, hate-mongering, misogynistic megalomaniac who could single-handedly make the United States into a laughing stock and the world a much more dangerous place to live in if he's handed the keys to the White House.

So you could say I'll be rooting for Hillary on Tuesday. Hell yes.

Heck, I'm planning to stay up all night too because - hot-diggerty dawg! - as far as elections go this is sure as hell going to be one helluva humdinger.

But no matter what the outcome, Hillary Clinton has shown incredible poise and control while faced with such an odious opponent, don't you think? In fact the last 18 months has been the ultimate test of her resolve and her character.

If she does win, I bet world politics will seem like an easy, breezy walk in the park after fending off diabolical Donald for so long.

Personally I've always admired Hillary since she was America's First Lady and accompanied Bill on that ground-breaking visit to Belfast in 1995. What a day that was and what a difference it ultimately made to our country and our future.

Looking back at the footage of that historic event it is fascinating to see how Hillary C has evolved and developed from being a strong and loyal wife to becoming a formidable stateswomen in her own right.

I decided to leave the last words about Hillary to a straw poll I did with some of my family and friends from the USA who do know a thing or two about American politics:

Colleen from Santa Rosa said: "Hillary C has been attacked for being a woman, for being too soft, too hard, too emotional, and not emotional enough but she goes beyond that. She looks beyond your race, religion, sexual ordination and/or social economic status. She is looking into America's future not pulling us into our past."

Kath from New Hampshire said: "She is very astute, she is warm, and she does not hog the limelight, she listens closely too. She is a grown-up human being. I would trust her to lead this country."

Pat from Eureka said: "For me the most important thing is that Hilary takes global warming science seriously and will move on it, and though we want more, that alone should make her election something that people worldwide can celebrate"

Teresa from Caseville Michigan said: "Hilary Clinton understands how the government works and what a sitting president may and may not do. She would build a team and work to move the USA forward. She is opposed to moving our country backwards and eradicating the laws and rights so many have fought for."

Anulka from LA said: "I have followed Hillary Clinton's career for 20 years now. She had been unwavering in her demands for women's rights. Children's rights. Health rights and yes, human rights. She has a wicked wit and sense of humour. She will fight until the end."

Aisha from Hawaii said: "I am voting for Hillary because she's not as bad as Donald Trump, because I know what she represents and she cares about women's issues, children and health care."

Brittany from Pennsylvania and lives in Carryduff wrote: "Her outstanding speech at the Democratic National Convention and performance in the debates has reassured me that she is by far the more experienced candidate in all areas, and the fact that she has been able to keep her campaign to positive in tone while abuse is hurled her way is astounding to me."

Brenda from California: "She has proven herself as Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady. She has been dragged through the gutter and handled all with grace and intelligence"

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