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What it means for Belfast fashion to get the ASOS seal of approval

By Frances Burscough

Window shopping and pavement pounding in your local high street to see what's in fashion is so last century.

And so is flicking through a glossy magazine for that matter.

What savvy fashionistas do these days when they want a quick update of the current trends is to surf the web fashion retailers for a complete digest of who's wearing what by whom, when and where.

In my opinion, as both a fashion correspondent and a punter, ASOS is the best there is for affordable fashion that's bang on trend.

The way that ASOS works is that they employ a team of paparazzi-style 'trend' scouts who actively seek out new fashions on the street, on catwalks and at events and then they upload their photographic findings onto the website's gallery.

So within moments of someone influential wearing something unusual we get to see it, while the buyers at ASOS whirr into action ordering something similar for their new collection.

What in the past may have taken days, weeks or even months to filter through into retail is now done and dusted in a matter of hours. Not only that but the sheer ease and convenience of fashion shopping online means that you never have to set foot in a cramped and sweaty fitting room ever again, or queue up at a busy checkout, which is probably why celebrities and well-known public figures are turning to the likes of ASOS more and more.

This week alone, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kim Sears and Nicole Sherzinger have all been photographed wearing outfits ordered online from ASOS.

So to hear that the label is now turning its attention to Belfast and Dublin as fashion capitals is no surprise.

Sure, we always knew that Belfast was the coolest place on earth, but now that ASOS are on it, very soon the whole world will know it too.

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