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A girl’s allowed to eat an odd time Nadine

By Gail Walker

No doubt we will get the same old explanations about odd camera angles and naturally slim limbs and just doing an awful lot of running with a trainer in LA.

There’ll be more protestations about loving a good fry-up and a weakness for chocolate.

But those new pictures of a shockingly thin looking Nadine Coyle surely show that while her new single may be called Insatiable, her appetite most definitely isn’t.

Pictured at London nightclub G.A.Y, where she was performing on Saturday night, the Londonderry-born singer’s tanned legs looked super skinny; her angular frame and big hairdo completed the stick body/huge head lollipop lady effect.

More than anything, it’s just sad. Nadine’s a naturally gorgeous woman but if she thinks this is a good look, then she’s very much mistaken. There’s nothing sexy about being too thin.

Unfortunately the young girls who idolise Nadine will simply want to look like their favourite singer. Nadine has just launched her first debut single, and her album will follow, both pitched against new releases from fellow Girls Alouder Cheryl Cole. There’s talk of a “tell all” book about her time in the band, too.

She certainly has a lot on her plate at the moment. She should make sure there’s enough food there, too.

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