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A wedding cake truly fit for a king (to be)

By Gail Walker

Many an Ulsterman's ears will have pricked up and mouth watered at the mention of the very special wedding cake that Kate Middleton has ordered for William.

As well as the traditional fruit cake, the bride-to-be has asked for a second version - austerity nuptials or no - of a delicious concoction that is a favourite of long standing in these parts.

From funeral tea to Harvest Supper, this is a staple fancy. It has lifted the darkest mood, prompted men to propose and rectors to cut short the closing prayers.

The basic ingredients are biscuits, chocolate and condensed milk. The best recipes were gleaned from the "no bake" section of the Women's Institute Cookbook; names ranged from Fifteens to Snowballs to, well, Refrigerator Cake.

I don't think anything has ever been as much fun to make, from putting the biscuits in a plastic bag and bashing them up with a rolling pin, to melting the chocolate in a wee bowl over hot water, to licking the spoon after mixing up this delicious gooey mess.

Apparently, William's favourite version mixes Rich Tea and Digestive biscuits with cherries, raisins and chopped nuts. Mmmm, not so sure, William. I'd hold the raisins and add some chopped marshmallows and flaked coconut.

Ah yes, that's what you call having your wedding cake and eating it.


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