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All kinds of everything goes ... so long as it isn't Dana

By Gail Walker

Dana Rosemary Scallon's latest bid for the Irish presidency has hit a snag ... she may not ... technically ... be Irish.

The All Kinds of Everything singer is embroiled in a legal wrangle over ownership of copyrights with her estranged sister, Susan Stein. Claim and counterclaim has been made about exactly when she took out US citizenship and whether she actually renounced any allegiance to Ireland.

Constitutional and political heavyweights are engaged as to whether Dana (right) should be allowed to stand for the Aras. Dana claims she has dual citizenship.

We will leave that to the courts and the experts but you have to ask does it really matter? Isn't Dana's case just like hundreds of thousands of Irish people who have taken out US citizenship - but that doesn't make them less Irish in their hearts.

This was not the act of some Lord Haw Haw acting in a traitorous fashion to her fellow citizens. If Dana is a traitor she's not the only one. As Ulster Protestants are all too tired of hearing, there is a unique relationship between the oul' sod and the Land of Opportunity - the next parish etc etc.

Before we get too het up under the collar about the Derry lass taking out US citizenship, we should remember that she doesn't have a blood-splattered past like one of the other candidates, Martin McGuinness. Until quite recently, he was in full rebellion against the state and refused point blank to accept its legitimacy. Nor does she appear somewhat ambiguous about the crime of paedophilia unlike Senator David Norris.

But these are taken as givens in the new Ireland.

Dana's real crime is being a champion of the "old Ireland", the one of God and family values. For that she is parodied and traduced in the mainstream media.

And for that there is no understanding or forgiveness ...


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