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Amanda Holden is more than just brave

By Gail Walker

Inevitably, Amanda Holden has been described time and again as "brave" as she stepped out for her first showbusiness engagement since losing her unborn baby.

It's a much bandied about word these days, and all the more devalued because of that.

Craven for publicity, reality TV stars are "brave" as they face their next Bushtucker trial. Would-be Wags ditched after one night stands with footballers "bravely" tell their story for cash. C-list celebs "bravely" pose in bikinis after diets. You get my drift.

And, for the record, I suspect the very last thing Ms Holden was feeling as she walked the red carpet was "brave".

Terrified, yes, as well as self-conscious, heartbroken and hoping that biting down hard on her lip would stop her crying in public.

She'll probably have hated having to step into a designer gown, put on make-up and step out, aware that many people will see it as some sort of signal that she's had a coming to terms with her loss, when she's still privately in bits. No doubt, it all just felt so inappropriate and, well, wrong.

But then, Amanda Holden is also a showbusiness trooper, through and through. She will know that the shows - TV's Britain's Got Talent and the West End's Shrek: The Musical - have her name on the posters and must go on.

As a wife and mum, too, she'll also be aware that she's got to somehow strike up some sort of "normality" again.

So, let's not sum up a woman who lost her son when she was seven months pregnant and has just stepped into the full glare of the cameras as "brave". That just doesn't really cover it.


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