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Angelina shows how a real star should look

It was thrilling to see Northern Ireland movie The Shore pick up a gong at the Oscars, but the star of the fashion show was Angelina Jolie's slit to the oompah dress.

In a line-up of perfectly chosen, tasteful, elegant outfits (oh, Bjork, where are you when we need you?) Angelina worked on the idea that more is more and brought some much-needed out and out star glamour.

Black velvet and porcelain skin - classic. For the film buffs, for the fashionistas and for the 'something for the dads' factor, of course ...

Even that awkward little pose to expose miles of leg showed that (deep down) Angelina always knows what the public wants - a lot of glamour mixed with a dollop of traditional sauciness. It's instinct. Star quality. In the style of Garbo, Taylor and Monroe.

Look and learn Sandra Bullock, who was photographed pounding the pavements in her bare feet after leaving a pre-Oscar party. Presumably she just couldn't hack her high heels any more but ...yuk! Hardly Hollywood.

Ah, no wonder we will forgive Angelina anything - even such travesties as Salt and The Tourist ...