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Another PR stunt by Hazel

By Gail Walker

First, there was the double murderer's wide-ranging and compelling interview to this newspaper. And now we are about to hear her whispering "I love you" on the blower to loyal husband David Stewart in a Channel 4 documentary to be screened this Friday.

Given her refusal to take the stand, this woman has yet to be questioned in public about how she helped former lover, dentist Colin Howell murder her husband Trevor Buchanan and his wife Lesley in 1991.

Yet there is clearly a PR campaign underway in advance of her appeal. The new programme will also feature a series of photos and home movie footage of Hazel Stewart with her husband, no doubt in a bid to show us her softer side. In reality, though, her only chance of having her life sentence overturned is the court of public opinion and the best way to start there is with contrition.

Denying responsibility is not going to get her anywhere.

But what it does do is increase sympathy for the stoical relatives of her victims who now face months, if not years, of this sort of tosh.


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