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Are Katie and Alex paying the Price of fame?

By Gail Walker

It's a terrible thing to say, I know, but the rumoured divorce of Katie Price and cagefighter Alex Reid continues to provide merriment and Grade A satire by the bucketload.

According to the latest well-leaked (or possibly totally fabricated) reports, Katie accuses Alex of being ... wait for it ... "fame-obsessed" and a "fame hungry sponger".

The usual well-placed pals claim Katie loved Alex because he was "an ordinary bloke".

She is quoted as saying: "I loved the fact he wasn't in my world. But as soon as he got to my world, he wanted to be in it himself. He wanted to become a TV personality like me, a magazine columnist like me and advertise clothes like me. I hated that."

But, surprisingly, Katie is a mere amateur when serving up big steaming dollops of unconscious humour.

Alex's equally blabbermouth "pals" have our boy saying: "I've been used, abused and treated like Jordan's puppet all because she can't get over her last husband. I'm now doubting she ever loved me - it's as if the whole marriage was a sham and a publicity stunt."

"It's as if" ... crash of thunder and a pinging light bulb over our boy's head.

Who can wait for next week's gripping installment? A tenner says rumoured reconciliation and plans for a second honeymoon - all to be filmed by Living TV for a new reality series.


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