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Are weddings going to poor Camilla's head?

By Gail Walker

No doubt they've been heading to cemeteries across Edinburgh in their droves just to check their floral arrangements are still where they left them.

And inspecting the hedges to make sure that someone didn't stick their head through one of them and then keep on going, taking half of it with them.

How else to explain the extraordinary piece of foliage planted on top of Camilla Parker Bowles at the wedding of Zara Phillips on Saturday?

The white fronds sprayed out in a crescent across her silvery bouffant and, shaking bizarrely with every step, resembled nothing so much as a giant sea anemone.

I don't know what the grazing habits of such creatures are, but I'd be wary of planting one on my bonce - or even standing within reach of one in the formal photographs.

Say what you like about Camilla - oh go on, you always do! - but she's certainly a game old girl. Well, game for a laugh anyway.

Maybe it was all a deliberate attempt to do a Beatrice, cause an outpouring of mirth and then auction off the offending hat for charity, raising her stock in the popularity stakes?

Or maybe it was an undeniably successful attempt to stand out from the crowd, albeit for all the wrong reasons?

One thing's for sure, despite the complicated and controversial route to her current roost in the Royal family, it seems Camilla has no intention of fading into the background.

Particularly now her stepson has found himself married to an exceptionally popular future queen ...


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