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Bare necessity? Jade Johnson and Cheryl Cole

By Gail walker

And here is the nudes ... First up, before Strictly is even aired, Tess Daly is in all the papers posing in her new lingerie range.

Yes, the same Tess who just a few weeks back hit out at her husband for posting a picture of her in a bikini in their garden on the internet. Not so shy now, eh?

Then, when the programme airs on Saturday night, it’s like Fleshdance, with Jade Johnson wearing not a dress but a cobweb. Ok, there was skin-toned material under parts of it — but only parts.

On Sunday, Cheryl Cole — now officially the world’s sexiest woman — decided to celebrate going straight in at number one by showing us her breasts. Or most of them.

There was a time when you only saw stars revealing this much when pictures from their dark past returned to haunt them.

Now it seems to be their main selling point.

True stars sparkle, not flash.

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