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Better to light candle, than curse darkness

By Gail Walker

If one more carper starts going on about people putting up Christmas trees and how it's only the start of December, I'll push a mince pie into their face ... except, er, I'll have probably just wolfed it.

Of course, there's a lot of barely concealed snobbery about much of this, poking fun at those who adorn the outside of their houses with Santas and reindeer and bells and strands of lights. As if!

But imagine if they weren't there?

How much more dull and dreary the drive home from work would be in these dark, depressing days without all those little trees, more of them appearing by the day now, peeping through windows.

I'm no fan of the public works scheme carried out in my hometown of Lurgan (it's harder than ever to park) but full marks for the festive display - the area in front of the war memorial with all the trees draped in different coloured lights is a truly magical winter wonderland.

Maybe it's because there's so much bleakery around, but Christmas feels more welcome than ever this year.


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