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Cheryl and that missing ex-factor

By Gail Walker

If reports are to believed Cheryl Cole's 'no holds barred' autobiography will be barring one definite hold - having a go at ex-husband Ashley 'Mr Sexting' Cole.

Only devoting four pages to her marriage with the Chelsea footballer hardly makes it the 'tell all' biography we were promised, does it?

And if it's prepared to skate through such a normally big thing in a person's life as, you know, being married, then why should we fork out £17.99 to read her literary efforts. (Mind you, it's hard to imagine Cheryl bent over the old Dell laptop searching for the mot juste.)

Apparently, though, Simon Cowell is in for a sustained kicking because of the now-legendary US X-Factor snoreathon ... sorry ... fiasco.

Isn't it great to discover what's really close to a girl's heart?


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