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Cheryl, going back to Ashley will be just an own goal

By Gail Walker

There was a time when Cheryl Cole had a bit of character about her. And that - not her music, not anything she ever uttered as a judge on X Factor - was her main selling point.

The biggest backstory on the ITV show was always that of CC. She was the girl from the Geordie council estate who got a lucky break and understood why others clung to daydreams too. The tears that brimmed in those kohl-rimmed eyes were as much about her own narrow escape as the dashed hopes in the dreary lives of others.

And though she told us all to Fight for this Love, she was shrewd enough to know when the war was over and it was time to move on from cheating husband Ashley Cole. Soft-hearted but shot through with steel, feisty, independent and nobody's fool: that was Wor Chezza.

Now? Well, if reports are to be believed, Cheryl has taken back her errant husband.

Indeed, if that's not bad enough, she's apparently gone out of her way to let everyone know the romance is back on, inviting Ashley to her 28th birthday party where she's said to have treated him to a sexy little dance.

Incredibly, Cheryl has turned herself into just another Wag, prepared to take back the man who humiliated her - and not a particularly sorry looking man at that.

Worse, unlike many other footballers' wives, she didn't need to. She has a career and millions of her own. Exciting new chapter? Hardly. The backstory closes with an act of stunning stupidity and self-delusion. We'll never be able to hear her say the 'Because we're worth it' line in that ad again without sniggering.

No matter what way her publicity team try to spin this, it's a PR disaster. And, one can't help feeling, the beginning of the end of Cheryl's career.


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