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Could it be magic with judge Gary Barlow on X Factor?

By Gail Walker

It's hard to read what's going on with X Factor. The latest reports say that Cheryl is moving to "concentrate on her career in the US". While Simon Cowell has, against all odds, confirmed his intention to participate in the next series in the UK.

Which doesn't strike me as the most obvious career move for Ms Cole - without the British TV platform which launched her solo career, there's a big risk of her vanishing into the world of TV wannabes in the States.

On the upside, though, what a coup in recruiting Gary Barlow. He may be everybody's favourite uncle, brother and best mate, rather than sex symbol, but that will just make it more interesting how he deals with garbage acts.

It's great that Gary has ended up in the coveted judge's role rumoured to have been Robbie's.

Let's just hope Chezza isn't heading straight for the into-the-ether role that is Nadine's ...


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