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Did you not read job description, Louise?

So farewell Louise Mensch. The Corby and East Northants MP has resigned from politics, citing "family reasons" and saying that as an MP she couldn't spend enough time with her children.

It is believed that she will be moving to New York with her rock manager husband. Quite how to read her resignation is rather difficult. I suppose one could say that it is a cry for a more reasonable job-life balance in politics - a protest against the unfamily friendly hours and the invasiveness of being a public figure.

Or you could read it as the act of a rather rich dilettante.

After all, Mensch must have known that being in parliament is the easiest of jobs and she hasn't been exactly behind the door when it comes to courting publicity.

Maybe she just learnt that being an MP wasn't as much fun as she imagined.

And sure, New York is rather beautiful in the autumn ...