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Do these moguls live in another dimension?

By Gail Walker

The people don't want it – and that's a statement coming through in all three dimensions.

The Beeb's decision to suspend its pilot 3D TV shouldn't come as a surprise. Like minidiscs and the C5, 3D TV supplies a demand that has never existed in the first place.

Apart from the cumbersome technical aspects – the glasses, positioning your line of vision just so, the (alleged) need to be totally sober – who really wants Chris Moyles in their living room, apart from his mother, of course?

The truth is we already "see" television in 3D anyway. Just as no one thinks there are tiny people running, jumping and leapin' on our screens, no one has ever thought 'These things cannot be! Those people are ... FLAT!'

So why the push towards ever greater 'reality' (for which read ever greater 'artificiality')? Because moguls think there's money in it. But even moreso because the bosses really do think their audience consists mainly of slack-jawed morons.

Just go to your nearest cinema, where it's wall-to-wall kids' films or glorified kids' films (and yes that means you, justifying Man of Steel as an oblique commentary on world affairs) packed with spectacle but precious little thought. Look, look at the shiny bauble, people. Look!

3D TV? My world already has breadth, depth and width thank you very much.

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