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Eamonn’s criticism of TV is spot-on

Ok, he may be wearing his grumpy hat, but Eamonn Holmes is right — modern TV is rubbish.

(And, yes, I'm aware of the irony of the presenter of such programmes as National Lottery Live and GMTV gurning about the limitations of the box.)

Describing TV as “evil” and “poisonous”, Eamonn says: “Television is becoming much more superficial. Audiences are being treated like idiots. This industry is run by a bunch of intellectuals, but they pander to the lowest common denominator. It’s patronising.”

Not sure about the “bunch of intellectuals” bit, but he's right that vast tracts of TV are deserts of witlessness.

They may call it giving the public what they want, but giving the public what they think they want isn't necessarily the best policy when it comes deciding what makes it onto our screens.

What focus group would have “wanted” Kenneth Clark's Civilisation? Or Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries? Or even, I, Claudius or The World at War.

Holmes is also scathing about Saturday night shows like The |X Factor and Strictly, saying: “Those are the only events the family can ever talk about. Which I do find sad.”Big shared moments of the past included Eric and Ernie, The Two Ronnies, even Brucie’s Generation Game.

Not the stuff of massive intellect endeavour, true, but still light years better than a two-night, long-scripted advertisement for Simon Cowell and his latest commercial venture.

More power to the elbow, Eamonn.

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