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Even celebs hurt when love dies

By Gail Walker

Well, there we are yet again: love, just like life, is certainly a rollercoaster, as one of Ronan Keating's biggest hits put it.

That's not meant to sound like a cheap joke - Ronan and Yvonne Keating deserve all our sympathy following the revelation their 14-year marriage is over. But the fact that despite valiant efforts they couldn't make it work for the sake of their three children just shows how corrosive infidelity can be.

One suspects, too, that it is the cheated upon Yvonne who found that, in the end, she just could not move on from his affair with a dancer and finally threw in the towel. Who could blame her? Ronan's 'fling' lasted seven months. Yvonne found out about it when she found his secret second phone. That's a lot to come to terms with, to get over. Little wonder she could not.

Once a relationship becomes about scrutinising the other person's every move or lurches onto the stage of laboriously trying to rebuild it, most people find that inevitably the magic has gone.

What makes the end of the Keating marriage all the more sad is that despite his abberation, Ronan is essentially one of life's good guys. Bizarre as it may seem, one just knows that for all his extra-marital shenanigans, he never stopped loving his wife. Let her down, yes. Stopped wanting to be married to her, no. He's also clearly a great dad and a tireless charity worker.

But like so many others he has made a mistake and now he must accept there's no going back. In certain ways, he will pay for it for the rest of his life. And so will his soon to be ex-wife. And their children.

No matter that it's a celebrity union, the divorce will be a very human tragedy.


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