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Fanatical nutcases pose the real danger to our planet

By Gail Walker

Everyone laughed when Silvio Berlusconi got a souvenir model of Milan cathedral smashed into his face a few weeks ago.

After all, playboy Berlusconi had rarely been out of the headlines for his dalliances. He deserved everything he got.

Then, there was the Pope, taking a tumble under the attentions of a young woman at his Christmas Eve ceremonies. Well, the old goat presides over a corrupt church and deserves everything he got.

And then there are the Americans. Haven’t they plagued the world for the last 10 years with their ‘war on terror’? Aren’t they responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands across the world?

So, an African tries to blow himself up as a plane comes into land at Detroit. Don’t the Americans deserve everything they get?

Well, of course, they don’t. Psychosis takes many forms. Sometimes it’s putting sick people back into society when they are obviously not capable of looking after themselves, simply because it’s too expensive to keep them under medical supervision — which appears to be the case with the first two incidents.

They are more to be pitied than to be punished.

But what do we do about the real nutcases? Those driven by a political or religious hatred which has been distilled into a personal fervour and fanaticism.

Because until we get the answer to that question none of us will ever feel safe again. Forget about global warming, they’ll get us first.

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