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Feel sorry for Renee Zellweger? I think not!

By Gail Walker

Everyone wants movie stars to be just like the characters they play. We want Hugh Grant to be gauche, charming and with a heart of gold. We want Bruce Willis to be fearless, manly and willing to die for mankind. We want Julia Roberts to be kooky, down-to-earth and a bit of a loner.

Not caught in a car with a whore. Not afraid to fly to Britain after 9/11. Not a happily married mum-of-three.

And then there's Renee Zellweger. The media tell us she is putting on a brave face just like Bridget Jones since splitting with Bradley Cooper. That she dined alone, then went shopping for "literature perhaps to get a deeper understanding of her new single status". The running theme is that, at 41, she is unlucky in love and destined to live alone with a couple of cats.

In reality, she is a Hollywood star, worth a fortune and, as it happens, was smiling away as she ordered brunch then went shopping for books in New York. A tome to make sense of her single status? How about 'I've been a famous film star for 15 years, own 16 houses and have to use a yard brush to beat men away'. If that's putting on a brave face, we should all be so lucky.


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