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Gail Walker: Get those I’m A Celebrity bugs out of there!

It would be easy to say that even the most disgusting creatures on I’m A Celebrity ... have their dignity and are entitled not to be used as mere props for low-grade voyeuristic entertainment.

And then to say that Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins have no one to blame but themselves.

But the fact is that the water spiders, giant burrowing cockroaches and something called opal yabbies — which those two contestants had to hold in their gobs for 20 seconds — hadn’t signed up for the show as willing participants. Indeed, there were moments when the opal yabbie — a kind of large shellfish with appealing pop eyes — began to look far more endowed with simple intelligence than the craving-for-celebrity goons wrapping their lips round them.

It’s only when we see these animals and large insects — significant and dignified figures in their own habitats, with real jobs to do — being treated like rubber toys or plastic dolls, that the eating of witchety grubs begins to look like a form of torture.

They wouldn’t get away with it if it were gorillas or kangaroos being devoured.

Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Hammond and Collins being held for 20 seconds in the maw of a shark or crocodile.

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