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Gail Walker: It’s Bruce Forsyth who is real entertainer

By Gail Walker

The sight of celebrities bickering is rarely edifying, and the temptation to raise a hollow laugh |and dismiss one as Alex and the other Alexander is almost overwhelming.

However, in the ongoing feud between Bruce Forsyth and Louis Walsh, one has to say, well, it’s time to take sides.

Back in April, Walsh callously remarked that 82-year-old Forsyth “shouldn’t even be alive at his age”.

Last week, however, while filming the Strictly Christmas special, Forsyth hit back — and how! As the cameras stopped rolling, he told the audience: “[Louis Walsh] said in print that I should be dead by now. Can you believe that from a jumped-up karaoke judge?”

Walsh retaliated, carping: “Bruce should just retire. His comments are the sign of old age. He’s too old to be on TV.

“He should just bow out gracefully now at the top of his game and go home ... and drink |Horlicks.”

Of course, Walsh should have let it go.

His initial crass remarks clearly outraged Forsyth, who was entitled to strike back. But Walsh’s labouring of the point is tasteless, insensitive and cruel.

Plus, at 58, he’s no chicken himself, having found it necessary to submit to eye bag surgery, Botox and hair dye.

The point is, like him or not, |no one would deny Forsyth is |an entertainer and true showbiz legend.

Walsh, by comparison, is just a comic turn. Forsyth has an “act”, Walsh essentially looks after other performers’ talent, but isn’t dripping in it himself.

Maybe the row is all part of the general sourness that has engulfed this year’s X Factor, where Walsh, in particular, has made a goon of himself.

His lowlights include dismissing Cher as having “no likeability”, then promptly saving her.

He may be good at managing Westlife and Boyzone, but Walsh really should learn how to manage his tongue as well.

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