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Gail Walker: Say goodbye Coleen Rooney, not Hello!

Dressed head to toe in haute couture, with voluminous hair and heavy make-up, showing a bit of leg and a bit of cleavage, she’s almost unrecognisable.

It’s the eyes that give it away. Empty, hurt and desperately sad, they could only belong to Coleen Rooney.

Rigged out for a photoshoot for Hello in glamorous Paris, we are sagely informed that this is part of Mrs Rooney’s fightback.

Throwing a punch at her hooker-loving husband, hoofing him out and ringing her lawyer might sound more like it, but no, apparently these pictures will do the trick, sending a message to Wayne: why play away when you have got this at home?

The ‘moving-on’ message is further puffed out with news her career is on the up, amid rumours of a presenting slot on The X Factor final and a design debut of 25 pieces for Littlewoods catalogue.

It’s unbelievably depressing. A young woman, whose husband cheated on her with prostitutes while she was pregnant, is hanging on in there, no matter what the cost.

What’s she thinking? ‘I may have been humiliated, laughed at and pitied, but I’ve still got my £250,000 a week Wayne?’

She’s cash rich, but such a compromise will tear her apart in the end.

Will the pictures work? Well, considering she barely resembles herself and looks like another woman, er, the chances are Wayne may be briefly interested again.

Maybe she should seal the deal and charge him?

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