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Gail Walker: Why it's obvious Dannii has X Factor

By Gail Walker

Well done Matt, but the real winner of this year's X Factor is Dannii.

Indeed, as the lights flashed and the poppers went pop, was there a sense of a baton being handed over?

The diminutive Aussie was the first person to wrest the winning judge's title from Cheryl Cole in two years - and she was the one everyone thought was only there because she could bring her sister to the party.

As it happened, she brought a lot more.There were the gorgeous dresses which just got classier as Cheryl's fashion mojo went walkabout.

There were the astute comments after each act performed. There was the new mum at 38 glow, the face even more lovely without Botox.

And there were the inspired choices of song for Matt as the crunch loomed - who'd have expected songs by two female stars on his playlist over the last two nights of the competition?

With Cheryl imagining a career in the US, Dannii's triumph could be the sign of things to come.

For a second Minogue, mega-stardom awaits.


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