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Give Kate a medal for class

By Gail Walker

There's nothing quite like the sight of a loved-up couple to bring out the very worst in other people - jealousy, loathing, spite. And when that couple is young, good-looking and royal, the trolls really go into overdrive.

No sooner had the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thrown their arms around each other in a spontaneous PDA after the British men's pursuit team won gold at the velodrome than all those little nail-chewed fingers were tap-tap-tapping their venom into cyberspace.

Typically, most of it was aimed at Kate because, well, she's an easy target. There were jibes about her outfit, jibes about how she'd need to lay off the Botox, jibes about her body. And, of course, being anti-monarchists who believe we're all equal really and that people shouldn't get above themselves, there was a raft of sly remarks about, er, her "common" background.

I kid you not - the typical gist of these goes alone these lines: Kate had no problem taking part in a Mexican wave since her "trolley dolly mum" would know all about hand signals. Hilarious, I know.

The more I see of Kate the more I like her. A year on from her wedding she hasn't put a platform nude court clad foot wrong. Ernest, un-showy and full of enthusiasm, she's a huge triumph for Windsor plc.

The quiet girl who was once bullied at school has clearly lucked out - and how - in the end. The young woman taunted with the nickname 'Waity Katie' has proved she was right to hold out for her prince.

Fair play to William, too, who clearly clocked his father's romantic disasters and resolved to do the exact opposite at every turn. There's no 'whatever love is' waffle from him.

Commoner or not, Kate has natural class. A quality her critics conspicuously lack.

To hell with the sourpusses, this is a pair that are clearly heading for a romantic gold.


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