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Goin' reet Batty over Hathaway film accent

By Gail Walker

The film isn't even out but already Anne Hathaway's Yorkshire accent in the romantic comedy One Day is being rubbished as nowt to write home about.

We in Northern Ireland - following 40 years of bad Troubles films and TV dramas - are well used to hearing our tongue mangled beyond belief (usually in a lilt somewhere before Top O' The Morning Quiet Man Oirishisms and Rab C Nesbitt indescribability).

Sometimes the grim botches raised our hackles.

Rod Steiger, Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke ... the bigger they are, the harder they fall (and all accompanied by the melancholic sound of wailing uilleann pipes).

The problem was, of course, that they claimed to represent "reality" but One Day is just a romcom - a land governed by its own laws and conventions.

Shocking news, I know, but most women don't look like Anne Hathaway (who judging by the trailers ages about four weeks during the story's near-decade timeline) and (bad news, girls) most men don't look like Jim Sturgess.

Still, that doesn't stop people getting het up that the lovely Anne doesn't sound as authentic as Norah Batty. Get a grip people, it's just a film.

Let's give Anne a fair hearing. The book's brilliant and - who knows? - she may turn up a reet champion in the movie.


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