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Has Duffygate put the last nail in Labour’s coffin?

While an increasing number of people seem to be thinking he is misguided politically, no one ever said that Gordon Brown was a ‘bad man’.

But there is no doubt that the PM behaved very badly indeed when humiliating Gillian Duffy in Rochdale the day before the last TV debate.

Had the PM been a high Tory grandee of the old school despising a humble little old lady and her homely, awkward expressions of concern for the way the country was going, it couldn’t have been more embarrassing, more hurtful or more shameful.

But this was a Labour PM in the heartland of working class Britain.

The images of shock and dismay on Mrs Duffy’s face when the PM’s comments as he drove away were replayed to her will surely haunt Mr Brown for years, just as they will come to evoke the day Labour finally lost touch with the nation and with its soul.

A game-changing moment in the General Election campaign? Maybe not.

The incident itself and its farcical aftermath — Prime Ministerial hand-wringing outside her front door — seemed to have no effect on the polls, though Labour was already slipping in public esteem.

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Mrs Duffy only helped make it very clear just why.