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Hateful stuff, but Corrie actor just took rap for bigger stars

Quite why all the outrage about Chris Fountain?

The Corrie star yesterday lost his job on the soap after being unmasked as YouTube rapper 'The Phantom'.

Fountain apologised last week and said he was "deeply ashamed" after being suspended from the show.

Of course, an apology was fully merited for such hateful, hateful stuff as "I will **** anybody up in the worst way, rape a b***h on her birthday".

But then again, so should Robin Thicke for his rape-tainted Blurred Lines ("I know you want it"). Or Kanye West for On Sight. Or – true not a household name here but still big across the Atlantic – Rick Ross for U.O.E.N.O ("Put molly all in her champagne/She ain't even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that/She ain't even know it.") Except they're all feted by the critics, while poor old wannabe Chris is pilloried for his efforts. Maybe he is pathetic, but that makes him all the less dangerous. Surely, we should be more concerned about those who are selling millions of records and producing videos which are always on TV and constantly picked on YouTube. After all, they're responsible for helping to make misogyny mainstream.

And let's not forget those who just pump (surprise, surprise) female nudity to sell pap: yes, I'm talking about you, Justin Timberlake and Calvin Harris.

There has always been misogyny in pop (Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy anybody?) but now it's ever present in our culture. In fact, it is now so prevalent in pop music there seems to be little else to discuss. Is a naked woman entertaining a fully-clothed man woman-hating? How do you tell what's ironic and what isn't?

So why pick on some minor actor? Because he failed to hide his tracks by wittering on about "playing with ideas", "parody" and "persona"? Not really. The simple answer is because he doesn't sell millions of records ...

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