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Hats off to Beatrice for millinery masterstroke

By Gail Walker

Given the vitriol heaped upon her hat, Princess Beatrice could have been forgiven for ripping the wretched thing off her head and beating it repeatedly off the floor as soon as she got home from William and Kate's wedding.

Royal or not, it can't be easy having your so carefully chosen ensemble sniggered at by Press fashionistas and viewers the world over. Especially when you're just 22.

Who wants to read that the Philip Treacy hat that somehow looked so apt and witty in the salon had morphed into a giant pretzel, loo seat or set of antlers by the time you'd manoeuvred it from the car outside Westminster Abbey?

Then there's all those photos preserving the mortifying moment forever. From every angle. Each time some other victim chooses an unfortunate hat, a picture of you in your headgear will be dug out and reprinted so readers can decide whether your disaster has been topped. And it won't be. Ever.

Still, well done Beatrice for wiping the smile off her tormentors' faces with the brilliant decision to auction the 'unique sculptural celebratory headpiece' on eBay, raising £81, 101 for the charities Unicef and Children in Crisis.

At a stroke Beatrice showed that she'd a sense of humour, didn't take the crazy world of fashion any more seriously than it deserves to be taken and was happy to use her misfortune to help others.

All of which give a new meaning to using your head - and proved, oddly enough, that she has real style indeed.

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