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Holding on to a little bit of the old Higgy magic

By Gail Walker

Perhaps one of the most inevitable but problematic final twists in the extraordinary life of Alex Higgins has been the emergence of a series of people claiming to be his ‘love child’.

Armed with a raft of key dates, apparently plausible back stories and, in some cases, lookalike poses, they’ve all come tumbling out of the woodwork over the past few days anxious to talk to reporters.

It’s all good copy for the papers, of course, but it can’t be quite as welcome reading for the grief-stricken Higgins family as they struggle to come to terms with the loss of their loved one.

In particular, imagine the turmoil of emotions Alex’s two ‘official’ children, Lauren and Jordan, must be going through. Their dad wasn’t even buried before the first claims to his parentage began.

Still, I suppose it’s a kind of compliment to the People’s Champion.

His faults don’t really matter at all. What remains is his genius, his charisma, his legend.

That’s what everybody wants to own a part of, and they’ll do whatever they can to grasp hold of a bit of that. In a mundane world, it’s a little bit of magic.

They’re certainly not after his money ...

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