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Holly's pix more sad than sexy

By Gail Walker

Oh dear. Holly Sweeney has uttered the cry of the naked - or semi-naked - starlet throughout the ages. "I agreed to these shots because they were artistic - I would never do anything like Page 3, as I view those pictures as seedy ...This was art, it wasn't tacky at all."

It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

For a woman who seems fated to be described as "Rory McIlroy's ex", Holly posing topless for local photographer Gavin Millar doesn't seem daring or iconoclastic or a declaration of unbridled individualism, but rather mind-numbingly cliched and inevitable

Because that's what beautiful - and with her Monroe-esque curves, Holly is a beauty - women trying to carve out a career in the media always end up doing. Getting them out for the lads, but never because it's what the lads want. Oh no, they do it because it's a laugh. Or to help a snapper's career (another Holly cliché). Or it's "erotic" (ie, classy porn) or "art".

So let's look at the art, shall we? In one shot Holly is topless, wearing stockings and silk panties while Millar stands behind her, one of his hands resting preciously close to her breasts, the other squirting baby oil over her.

Let's be kind and call it a homage to Helmut Newton. Or somebody or other.

At least Katie Price is honest about this kind of thing.

The tragedy, of course, is that Holly is smart as a whip, charming and plucky - in public anyhow she handled the abrupt end of her relationship with Rory with a dignity beyond her years. Surely, she can do an awful lot better than follow a worn-out script?

You can argue about whether those pics belong in an art gallery, a lads' mag or on Page 3. It doesn't really matter because wherever it is, that type of exposure is viewed by many as smacking of desperation; a desperate move by a desperate woman.

And Holly is better - and deserves more - than that.


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