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Horlicks time, Sinead?

By Gail Walker

Ah, sometimes you just can't help thinking about how time closes the circle ...

Sinead O'Connor has revealed that she threw her eldest son's Eminem album over the balcony because he was picking up on the bad language and all-round rudeness.

It's kind of heartening to see yesterday's firebrands becoming aul' fuddy-duddies.

Ok, being a priest and all, Sinead is hardly a typical middle-ager but still the comfy slippers and Horlicks don't sound too far away.

Now, Sinead, repeat after me: “Young people? With their rock music and dancin’ ... They don't know they're born ... we made our own entertainment in the old days ... Give us a few pictures of the Pope to rip up and we'd be happy for hours ... Hours, I tell ye ...”

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