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How DJ Moyles’ plays the same old tune

By Gail Walker

What would we do without Radio 1 DJs to add to the gaiety of the nation?

For years things rattle on as normal. Take That gives way to Boyzone; Boyzone gives way to Westlife; grunge gives way to Britpop; Coldplay gives way to Snow Patrol.

Everything changes, but everything remains the same. But you know, just know, sitting there in a darkened studio is a mad ego just waiting to break out over the airwaves. And sometimes — gloriously, unexpectedly — it does.

Last week it was Chris Moyles bitching about not getting his pay on time. “I am so angry that they've put me in this position where now I have to choose whether or not I go to work ... It's a huge lack of respect and a massive FU to me.” (No, it wasn't. It was a little administrative glitch.)

The mixture of pomposity and Ali G street slang is worth every penny of the licence fee.

And so on for half-an-hour: whining, paranoia, self-pity and self-importance. True, Moyles is upset after splitting with his partner but a lot of us carry on with worse. And at £500,000 plus a year, who’d worry about their pay being a bit late?

Still, Moyles is now up there in the pantheon of broadcasting plonkers: Tony Blackburn repeatedly playing If You Leave Me Now after the collapse of his marriage; Chris Evans demanding a four-day week; Dave Lee Travis, resigning on air before he was pushed, making it all sound like the trial of Sir Thomas Moore: “There are changes being made here which go against my principles.”

Isn’t it great when they show a little more of themselves than intended?

Only proves Alan Partridge wasn't that far off the mark ...

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