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How Tiger chose the wrong people to say sorry to

By Gail Walker

The most depressing sight (and sound) of recent times must be the Tiger Woods Therapy-Confessional-Showtrial-Self-Criticism session.

Yes, Woods made a mess of it, coming across in turns as insincere, bored, hammy, pretentious and self-regarding.

But his sin is minor in comparison to ours. For here was final proof positive that we now live in a society where we can decide in a completely arbitrary way to organise a nice little, if not lynching, then certainly a spell in the humiliation stocks. A kind of gladitorial death contest organised by Jeremy Kyle.

But just who are we to lord it with the thumbs up or thumbs down? Despite his many protestations, Woods doesn't have to say sorry to us. He hasn't let us down. He hasn't failed us. No, he has provided us with more grist to the gossip mill but that's about all.

He was (is?) a compulsive womaniser. The only person he has to apologise to is his wife (and perhaps, if we're being pernickety, his wider family and commercial sponsors).

Our demanding some kind of public contrition and all-round baring of the soul merely for the purpose of vicarious entertainment is not just a form of bullying; worse, it is a gross impertinence.

It's time for Woods to stop grovelling and tell the nosey parkers to wind their necks in.

He is a man who thought (thinks) with his trousers. Join the queue, Tiger. But, rest assured, the world won't stop.

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