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In my opinion, this list misses out some of our greats

By Gail Walker

What is my nation, part 593 ...Based upon an original idea from the BBC, RTE is running a poll to find the nation's greatest person.

The shortlist of 40 men and women was the result of an opinion poll, which the producers reportedly say was conducted on a “nationally representative” sample.

Hence, Stephen Gately battling with Padraig Pearse and, ahem, Charles Haughey for the coveted accolaide. Of the 40, only three are from Northern Ireland — John Hume, Liam Neeson and Seamus Heaney — and none, absolutely none, from what nice people would undoubtedly call ‘the northern Protestant unionist tradition'.

No George Best, no Van Morrison, no Kenneth Branagh, no Alex Higgins, no Darren Clarke, no James Galway ...

Whatever can it all mean?

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