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Is Dannii the new nation’s sweetheart?

By Gail Walker

For most of her professional life she’s been the less well-known sister. She’s been viewed as being a pale imitation, not as talented, not as good-looking and with no hits you could put a name to.

Yet, almost without anyone noticing, Dannii Minogue has become another “nation’s sweetheart”.

Everyone knows about Cheryl — to the point of exhaustion, what with Ashley and weight loss and malaria and Derek ...

But Dannii has been building her profile cleverly and steadily. The ad for M&S, her perfume, her designer clothes range, an imminent autobiography, the new music.

And then there’s her first baby, which she has had while her career has been busier than ever.

Stumbling onto the last instalment of Dannii Minogue Style Queen, it suddenly struck one what a grafter she is. Hoisting herself into ruby red stilettoes while heavily pregnant in order to work a room of retailers who would be selling her book, this is a woman who really is a trouper.

And more than that, she’s good fun, kind and generous with it.

I don’t think she ran into a single friend on the show without squealing with delight at the sight of them — every time.

Having had more than her fair share of brickbats, Dannii knows when she’s on a roll and is evidently determined that she — and her team — are going to enjoy it.

Good on ya, cobber.

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