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It wasn't an engaging spectacle

Queasiest sight in quite a few days has been former Mr Katie Price, Alex Reid, proposing to Celebrity BB Chantelle Houghton (former Mrs Sam Preston of the Ordinary Boys, remember them?) live on RTE's The Saturday Night Show.

Admittedly goaded by host Brendan O'Connor, Alex popped the question but not before grabbing one of Houghton's breasts (real? artificial? After so many pumping ups and downs, who knows?).

Wearing the look of love, Alex yielded to the moment: "We're in Dublin. I haven't got a ring, but you know what, I'm going to do it. Seriously, nobody tell anyone! Will you marry me?"

Naturally, Chantelle was swept off her feet and said yes (despite Reid not technically being divorced yet). The pair then launched into some serious snogging just in case anyone had any doubts about the authenticity and magic of the moment.

And then, just like Eamonn de Valera, O'Connor looked into his heart and spoke for us all: "The whole of Ireland wishes you well."

Classy viewing all round. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to be moved to reaching for Gaviscon to quell the rising nausea.

Watching Reid and Houghton was like witnessing a slowly evolving life form... one that exists purely in the media spotlight. If you take away the cameras, are Reid and Houghton actually there?

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For what exactly are they famous? (And don't give me guff about 'cagefighting'). Nothing. Yet there they were on prime time television, generating cheap, tacky news copy right in front of our eyes.

Still, love - and cheap publicity - make the world go round.

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