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It’s not all fun being Cheryl Cole

By Gail Walker

I suppose it's a kind of celebrity karma — or maybe yin and yang. Take Cheryl Cole. Sexy, a solo star, nearly as well-loved as the sainted Kylie despite being horribly wooden in those ads for L'Oreal.

But then there’s her husband Ashley. With uncanny timing, he first sustains an ankle injury which may well keep him out of the World Cup squad — and his wife away from South Africa just when Posh is about to relinquish her crown as Queen of the WAGS.

Then he finds himself again at the centre of an extraordinary sex scandal with an even more extraordinary explanation offered to the no-doubt astounded Cheryl.

Not for the first time, either. Remember the Aimee Walton debacle? Well now, as a kind of aftershock to the John Terry business, Ash is caught up in a saga about a loaned pay-as-you-go mobile, and someone pretending to be him having text-sex with glamour model Sonia Wild. Moreover, the person purporting to be Cole seems to have swopped ‘candid' photos with Wild. (Cole admits to taking and leaving naked pics of himself on the phone — not only a bit vain but careless as well).

Cole denies any wrongdoing. He lent the phone to a friend, who lent the phone to a friend ...

Bizarre or what? Still, maybe a goddess needs someone around her as a constant reminder that she is but mortal and that not everything goes according to plan. It’s bound to be good for the soul.

Isn’t it?

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