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It's not pretty, but truth is Samantha's right about benefits of beauty

By Gail Walker

The real problem with Samantha Brick isn't (a) self-delusion about her looks, (b) her raging ego in stating women hate her for being beautiful or (c) the claim that men find her so irresistible they rush to help her.

No, it's that what she is saying is essentially true.

Ok trolls, Brick's no supermodel but she's a tall, slender, blonde who's not afraid to trade on her looks - she's just flogged two articles to a paper on the back of them.

Maybe in TV land Brick's no head-turner but in a housing estate in Portadown or Newry, she'd certainly cheer up the menfolk on a damp morning, giggling as she locks herself out of the car on the school run.

We may not like it but we all know Brick is enjoying an easier passage through life because of her appearance. Good looking women (and men) always do. Of course, men have made goons out of themselves over Brick while women keep a wary eye on her, fearing she's a husband-stealer or dreading watching their other half simpering over her. But Brick's only telling it how it is. Who hasn't waited invisibly for ages in a shop while a lithe beauty commands full attention? The office stunner always gets it easier, even if it's just never having to wait for hours at a jammed printer until a knight in shining armour arrives. Good looks will help win promotion, get you into nightclubs, maybe even persuade some people you shouldn't do time for murder, even if guilty.

Women aren't immune from such favouritism, either, fawning over a Daniel Craig lookalike even if he's a dullard.

Beauty's never been more highly rated than nowadays with every millimetre of cellulite, every grey hair gets a big judgmental circle scrawled round it.

No wonder we loath Brick's honesty in our image-obsessed world when most women see only faults in the mirror. But let's admire her sense of self-esteem, too - snaggly toothed she may be, but she is also a great lesson in confidence, self-belief and making the most of what you've got.


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