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It's time David Cameron gave political PR spin a holiday

By Gail Walker

Dave and Sam Cam's latest holiday wheeze deserves little more than a quizzically raised eyebrow.

From photos of the Camerons flying Ryanair and at their 'mid-range' Spanish hotel to them dandering around the streets of Granada, there's been a hint of PR exercise to it all.

The Camerons are millionaires, for goodness sake. Even if they're naturally modest people, they're not "one of us".

Why pretend? The message, of course, is that in this time of austerity, they're sharing in the pain. But we don't want him to share our pain; we want him to fix the economy. If he does that, he can holiday on Mars for all we'd care. Besides, Dave is PM. What's wrong with him behaving like it?

I don't mean they should take holidays of incredible opulence. Why not a discreet private holiday wherever they want to go - not one grubbing round for votes and pretending to be something they're not.


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