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It's time for Holly to let the past rest


Holly Sweeney

Holly Sweeney

Holly Sweeney

Fresh from recording an Irish version of Come Dine With Me, where she served up a "golf pros and tennis hoes" theme, Holly Sweeney has now given an interview about how Rory McIlroy broke her heart when he left her for Caroline Wozniacki.

Of course he did. Holly and Rory were childhood sweethearts. She'd fallen in love with him before world titles and fame and vast wealth, when he was just another guy at school, albeit one tipped for a bright future.

They were together for six years and had moved in together, sharing a luxury home. Who would have blamed Holly if she'd expected an engagement ring by this Christmas? Instead she got the elbow early in the summer.

Nor did the end of the romance reflect well on Rory. Perhaps it was just bad timing, but dumping her only days after she'd appeared in a local TV documentary welcoming him home from his US Open triumph was particularly humiliating for Holly. As was the fact she'd been replaced by the world tennis no 1. What girl could compete?

The good news for Holly is that she doesn't have to.

Any woman reading her interview about how Rory told her he "fancied" Wozniacki as they watched a tennis match together at home would reckon she's well out of it. Never mind how he arrived home from meeting the tennis player at a boxing match in Germany and bluntly told Holly "he wanted to see how it would go with her [Wozniacki]".

Holly's only 21, yet she has handled the break-up with a maturity way beyond her years. Graciously, she even says that Rory's behaviour towards her "wasn't him being malicious" and that his new romance looks set to flourish.

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But Come Dine With Me and the interview aside, Holly should now leave all the public utterances about Rory at that.

So far, she's come across as dignified, strong and classy. And she's far too young, gorgeous and interesting in her own right to spend the next decade being defined as someone's ex.

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