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Katie Hopkins hits wrong note on Katherine Jenkins

By Gail Walker

Over the past few days I've gone through what some politicians like to term "an agonising reappraisal" in regard to the Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

And why? Because national nutcase Katie Hopkins can't stand her. She's "too perfect" and likes to flaunt her assets. Oh, and she sings at lots of events.

Hopkins went on: "But ask a typical woman what she thinks of La Jenkins and one sentence in particular is going to fall from her lips: 'I can't bloody stand her.'"

Er no Katie, you're confusing Katherine with yourself.

I'm not able to judge her standing as an opera singer but she seems a perfectly reasonable "crossover" star who shifts lots of units with her safe, undemanding music which is listened to and liked by millions of ordinary people.

Which puts her in the same league as Myleene Klass, Alfie Boe and that Go Compare guy.

Yes, like many of the working famous she has to hustle and isn't slow in putting her best foot – or cleavage – forward when dealing with the Press.

So what?

"Too perfect" is one of those stupid charges made by those who want to drag someone down for no apparent reason.

And, as a matter of fact, it's not particularly true of Katherine Jenkins – remember those drug revelations?

Fundamentally, though, she has never pretended to be anything other than what she is – a middle of the road entertainer.

By comparison, Katie Hopkins' tedious turn as a rent-a-rant feels completely bogus, an ever more desperate bid to build a career on the last shakings of the Apprentice bag.

Katherine or Katie? Who would women turn off first?

No contest. It's the shrill, stupid off-key one every time.

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