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Kelly is a girl that Brooks no criticism ...

By Gail Walker

Katie Price normally picks her enemies with care – people who Joe Public finds every bit as annoying as her, such as Jodie Marsh, Kerry Katona and Frankie Boyle to name but a few.

But to pick on Kelly Brook? To call her "a heifer – but still a hot one"?

You've gone too far this time, Katie.

And while Kelly may not be an intellectual colossus, the star of Piranha 3-D has had the innate good sense and graciousness not to get involved in a public slanging match.

Instead she has just pointed out that she is confused by the attack and ... er ... is not a heifer.

Kelly may be an ordinary working-class girl made good, but she oozes class.

In a world of tat, somehow she manages to rise above the fray. Yes, she's made the best of assets but she hasn't gone too far in terms of looking like a hapless tart.

No second-rate reality shows for her. True, the films she has appeared in have been unrelentingly awful but, hey ho, the public has always forgiven her.

You can't blame a girl for trying and all that ...

Plus, considering the celebrity bubble she inhabits, Kelly seems relatively unaffected and natural.

Price may be 'FLAB-ergasted' by her womanly curves but most men will continue to drool and most women will continue to look upon Kelly as the very pretty younger sister who somehow made it very big in showbiz.

In other words men fancy her and women aren't jealous of that fact. On the contrary, they like and admire her. That's a powerful combination.

And that's why you won't win this one, Katie.

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