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Kids suffer from state stupidity

By Gail Walker

The decision by Rotherham Borough Council to withdraw three children being fostered by a couple because of their assumed political views on immigration - the UKIP members', that is, not the kids' - would be extraordinary, if the mindset which led to it wasn't so predictable and so much part the logic of nearly two decades of Labour social engineering.

It's not that the officials involved are devious, or closet fascists or even - to use that favourite word of the yellow press - 'bonkers'.

No. Once the matter is laid out before them, as it has been now in the media, everyone involved quickly realises the absurdity and the injustice of the practice and a lot of time and money will be spent now trying to undo the damage done to the most vulnerable in society - the children, that is, not UKIP members.

The problem is, the thinking behind the decision and the policy remains. Poisonous, nasty, censorious and verging on criminal. The same social services which use the full force of the law to effect ideologically-driven adoption theories are here exposed exercising the very same whimsical and bigoted approach to fostering.

One simply cannot imagine a couple being blackballed by social services for holding views which were considered too left wing. Or whose sexual or other entertainment preferences might be thought to be inappropriate.

One of the many downsides of democratic dictatorship by one party for 20 years is that it takes nearly another 20 years for dangerous or misguided policy to be worked out of the state system, for those employees trained in one particular biased view of the social universe to be re-educated.

So sit back, everyone. we've another 10 years at least of the mainstream being victimised by the state. Enjoy.


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