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Kimberley's just a little too naked ambition

Gail Walker

It's just that the whole venture seems to be reeking of desperation before it's even properly under way.

How else to explain why Kimberley turned up to perform at GAY nightclub at the weekend in a barely there red dress so ghastly you didn't know what bit of flesh to gawp at first.

Slashed to the stomach in both directions ("wearing her naval as a brooch" my old granda would have said) the top half was all oily cleavage, the bottom half, all fishnets and big black pants.

Boys a boys. There was a time female stars used to dread the emergence of these sort of photos from their wannabee starlet days, but Kimberley seems to be doing a reverse ferret. As her fame grows, her dresses get tinier.

Odd, too, since the new album, Centre Stage, is being presented as a classy affair, with Kimberley tackling songs from the shows. You'd think she'd be going for the elegant, mysterious, smoky chanteuse look rather than channelling the Shaftesbury-Square-Half-Three-On-A Sunday-Morning vibe.

Of course, she may have hoped the headline-generating dress would move matters firmly on from her excruciating turn at the National Television Awards a few weeks ago.

Uh-oh Kimberley. Not even full frontal nudity is going to distract from murdering the Randy Crawford classic One Day I'll Fly Away.

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