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Kiss ‘n’ tell is the final betrayal of tragic Stephen

By Gail Walker

I suppose in a weird way it's a sign of progress but this weekend saw a tabloid plastered with Georgi Dochev's gay kiss ‘n’ tell about the final hours of Stephen Gately.

Georgi was the male model who was in bed with Gately's civil ‘husband' Andy Cowles while the Boyzone singer died in another room.

Like straight kiss and tells, it's rank with hypocrisy. Dochev talks of his concern for Cowles and Gately's loved ones. I'm sure they’d think his concern would be more appropriately shown by keeping schtum and not adding to their heartache.

But that would presumably mean turning down a big cheque.

As Dochev makes clear, he’d never met Cowles or Gately before that fateful night. Despite the usual sanctimonies (he’s met Cowles several times since to share their grief and to help Cowles get over fears that he was somehow being blamed for Stephen's death), he pruriently makes it clear that he was invited back to the apartment for sex.

It was, he insists, the actions of three consenting adults. Nothing sleazy about it — though, at the risk of angering our PC police, I think most people would disagree. (If a married heterosexual star died in similar circumstances, with their spouse in tow, it would keep the papers going until next March ...)

Dochev selling his story is the unedifying end to an unedifying episode. Straight or gay betrayal is betrayal.

We should let Stephen rest in peace.

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