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Lay off Christine

By Gail Walker

It certainly seems to be open season on our Christine.

Mind you, her sins are too terrible to mention. Still, let's just mention the cardinal one: she's a successful woman and therefore fair game.

You see, Christine had the temerity to think about what's best for her during that will she/won't she saga over leaving the BBC for GMTV. Although clearly torn about the decision, this translates as ‘hard-nosed operator’.

Cue the inevitable slew of mean stories, with a quite remarkable quotient of venom and misogyny. For example, the papers claim GMTV’s Kate Garraway is worried Christine may not cope with interviewing the PM.

Yes, that’s the Pulitzer prize-winning GMTV team which brought governments to their knees with top tips for a bikinilicious summer.

Then there’s sniping about her trip to South Africa to support boyfriend Frank Lampard — apparently it proves she’s a WAG after all. At this rate of going poor Christine will probably end up getting blamed for Frank’s disallowed goal.

Plus, what’s more appropriate that idle speculation she’s had a boob job? The evidence is scant but so what.

And all this for a pleasant, professional and essentially unthreatening TV presenter who by talent and luck is making the most of her career

But that's the point: her life, her career — and some just can't stand that. Far easier to try and cut Christine down to size.

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